About Super Soft Whippy

                                  As a family business, established in the 1970s, we are now on to a second generation of service, providing tailored experiences to the general public whilst maintaining high standards. Our high standards have been proved through our excellent hygienic values, as we have been awarded 5 star ratings and are registered and approved with the local council.

                                  Karl, Owner

                                  Our services

                                  We offer an extremely exciting range of ice creams, slushes and lollies, making every trip pleasurable for both adults and children, so whatever the age, we are here to tailor to you! Complementary to our accommodated services, we are available to discuss special prices and deals, however, our services are open to all types of functions, so do not hesitate to get in contact!


                                  We know not everybody is the same and are happy to accommodate any requests to make your event tailored and unique.


                                  Providing you with a generation of excellent service, we can travel and tailor to your need.


                                  We offer our services to all types of functions, this includes birthdays, charity fundays, school events and even weddings!


                                  My custom built van has been put together by the world renowned Whitby Morrison. Whitby Morrison was first established 1962 in the UK and their products have been exported to 60 countries around the world. Our eye capturing van has been designed to make the customers experience, one to remember with classic characters giving the adults a blast from the past to hand painted Disney characters giving the children something to smile about. Using the latest 'Rapida Two' ice cream machine alongside freshly made Italian ice cream mix with an array of exciting and fun toppings; we aspire to deliver only the best.

                                  Contact Us

                                  One of our fundamental values lies in customer satisfaction; we tailor to each and every one of our customers as we aim to meet each one of their requirements. Our customers are highly valued, as they provide unique experiences for our staff, continuing to make our jobs more enjoyable so it is important to know what they think!

                                  Telephone: +4477 3918 9720 and +4478 7197 9724
                                  Email: supersoftwhippy@hotmail.co.uk
                                  Website: www.supersoftwhippy.co.uk

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